Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Goals

I see a lot of great financial blogs on the net. Of course, there's a lot of books, tapes, and seminars, too. I fear that we can get overwhelmed by information overload. My purpose here is to give you the best ideas from the sources I like the most.

Sometimes, though, I can't resist just placing my own ideas, too. It seems presumptous for me to place my own ideas among those of the great masters. While I'm a CPA, I'm struggling just like most people. However, my intent is to give my own perspective from what I've learned and to share that with you.

I'm also going to link to the books that I like, too. I do not recommend people going out and buying a whole lot of stuff (though Amazon does give me a commission - thank you!) If one were to just choose just one or two really good books that really address areas in your life, then you're set. Just learn what's in those books and - more important! - put their principles into practice.

Another intent of this blog is to put out basic principles of business and finance. Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad guy) says that his principle objective is to correct the financial ignorance in America. After watching the Health Care Summit last Thursday, I believe that ignorance of basic business principles are not just pertinent to ordinary Americans. Indeed, the behavior at the Summit, together with the behavior of the business leaders that precipitated last year's crash convinces me that ignorance applies to most everyone.

Please comment. I've got a lot to learn, too, and I will appreciate your feedback and advice.

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